For us, security is not an issue. It is THE issue.

Your data are your most important capital – and we are fully aware of this. We are likewise aware that we assume a high degree of responsibility when you entrust your data to us. That’s why we don’t just talk about security in the cloud; we live it and are continually working on it: our employees go through regular training programs, our smart security systems are constantly being improved and we subject ourselves to regular audits by independent experts. As you can see, our Data Protection Officer is not the only one who takes very, very seriously the security of your data.

Unauthorized people have absolutely no access to your data.

Naturally, your data are always transmitted in encrypted form – in accordance with banking standards. A sophisticated security system ensures a clear separation between different companies’ stored data. Reliable rights management and role-based security settings ensure that within your company, data goes to the right people and is made available only to the relevant people or  organizational units.

weclapp receives your data. And only weclapp.

High availability and our on-site computer center ensure that your data are stored securely. weclapp uses its own high-security centers for this purpose and does not enlist the help of any other infrastructure service providers for data management. Automatic backups and real-time database mirroring ensures permanent data protection.

Your data stay in Germany.

Compliance with Germany’s security standards, which are recognized as the strictest in the world, as well as storage of the data in Germany and German legal jurisdiction, are all conditions you can take for granted, as well as being prerequisites for membership in the Made in Germany Cloud Services Initiative to which weclapp is a party. In addition, security measures are specified in the SLAs.

EuroCloud Membership

We are members of various cloud organizations, such as the EuroCloud.

Your data belong to you. That’s true now and it will continue to be the case.

If you decide to stop using our services, naturally we will not keep your data. That means: 14 days after your contract terminates, your data will be completely deleted from our system. Naturally, we will notify you in advance. Upon request, we will send your data to you in the format you choose within this 14-day period.

Our Data Protection Officer will clarify any uncertainties.

If you have any questions about weclapp’s security, please contact our Data Protection Officer: