Protection from unauthorized access

Your data is safe with us

We are working with the utmost care to protect your data. For the protection of all data processing systems we use powerful anti-virus software, firewalls and proxy servers. Monitoring and administration of these systems is taken care of by specially trained and authorized personnel. This authoriation takes place by assigning user rights and profiles allowing access to the system. Without this special authorization any access is denied. Needless to say, protected and encrypted connections are established to access these data processing systems.


Security regulations

                Role-based access rights

Surveillance system

Strict security regulations

A special rights management prevents your data from falling into the wrong hands. Even at weclapp, each employee can only access the corresponding functions within the scope of his or her area of responsibility. Access to the applications happens password protected. Security regulations require our employees to use secure and adequate passwords. Moreover, regular scans of the network infrastructure prevent unauthorized access, both internally and externally.

Role-based access rights

To ensure that your data gets into the right hands and stays there, role-based rights can be assigned in weclapp. This means that each employee only has access to the functions assigned to them. By controlling access rights for departments, users, folders and files, you ensure that important information can only be viewed by the authorized people. Also, 2-factor authentication as a definited proof of identity prevents unauthorized third parties from logging into your account.

Encompassing surveillance system

Access to the security areas is only granted to authorized personnel via a transponder locking system. Particularly sensitive areas such as the server room can only be entered by a very small group of employees. Alarm systems, motion detectors and video surveillance warrant security for these areas. Unauthorized access is instantly reported to the nearest police station. Security and cleaning staff are also carefully selected.