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Independence of your data

Your data is yours

Your data is your most important good and we are abosulutely aware of that. We are also aware of the great deal of responsibility that arises, when you entrusting us with your data. That is why we do not just talk about security in the cloud, we live it and constantly work on it. Our employees are regulary trained, our intelligent security system are improved further and further, and we are undergoing regular audits by independent experts.


No separate sever structure needed

Easy import and export of your data

Confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data

Deletion of your data at the end of the contract

No separate server structure needed

When using weclapp's cloud-based software, you do not need to have own server structure. Instead, we - as the provider of weclapp - take care of all technical matters. This encludes backups, maintenance requirements and performance optimization.

Easy import and export of your data

Since weclapp is completely webbased, you do not need to perform any downloads, installations or configurations for using it. Importing and exporting your data in the cloud can be done using our powerfool tools. This way, your data is both integrated into the Cloud ERP database and able to be localized at any time.

Confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data

Our certification according to the internationally recognized ISO 27001 standard acknowledges the realiability and effectiveness of our information security system. Therefore, as a weclapp customer, you can be sure that your sensitive data and information are both protected against any unauthorized disclosure, modification or deletion and accessible to you at any time.

Deletion of your data at the end of contract

Needless to say, if you no longer wish to be with us, your data will not remain with us. This means that 14 days after the end of your contract your data will be completely removed from our system. Of course we will inform you in advance. Upon request and as part of a paid order, you will receive your data within these 14 days.