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We are here for you – skilled & personal

The introduction of an ERP system is a major and important step for any company to take. Of course, we offer you optimal support in the process. Our onboarding program combines helpful materials for private study and direct contact with our experienced advisors.

Practical materials

Helpful video manuals, tutorials, webinars and a knowledge base are available for your private study.

Personal advice

Whether for on-site workshops, online meetings or phone calls, our advisors are here to support you.

The sequence of a successful weclapp introduction


1. Registration

You can test all our products and add-ons for 30 days free of charge. This is the best way to see whether our software is right for you. If you are interested in collaborating with us, our first step is to start a personal dialog. Our sales team will assist you from the very start if needed and help you to set up the test account.

2. Baseline analysis

During the baseline analysis, we identify your company’s requirements for the solution and review the options for our ERP software. What is the customer’s objective? What is the required scope of the system? What problems need to be resolved? In this process, your previous workflow plays a decisive role. Weclapp’s goal is to map, optimize and where possible even simplify this process in a transparent manner.


3. Configuration

Our trained sales team is there to advise and assist you, while our developers can adapt the software as needed. They will work together with you to identify areas for optimization and evaluate potential applications for weclapp.

4. Implementation

Now it’s time to get started!
Once all the requirements, possibilities and questions have been resolved, the next step is technical implementation of the ERP launch. If you like, our technicians can help you with the transfer of all data to ensure that this step runs smoothly as well. Thanks to the interfaces integrated in weclapp, this stage can be handled rapidly.


5. Training

Now it is time to train the users. Weclapp is remarkably easy to use, so this can be accomplished quickly. Our customers confirm that the solution is easy to manage and transparent. The majority learn how to use the tool following the principle of “learning by doing”. Our free webinars can also be used to obtain more thorough insight into the individual modules of the solution. On request, we also offer personal training sessions.

6. Go Live

Live operation of the cloud software is achieved and the transition to normal operation begins. If questions arise during this stage despite preliminary talks, the weclapp team is happy to assist and support you to get our software up and running. As a software solution in the cloud, we are particularly flexible and can adapt to your needs in this step as well.


7. Follow-up support

We assist and support you through the entire launch process all the way through follow-up support with our trained Support Team. After all, this is one of our goals: Simplifying processes. For that very reason, we are continually fine-tuning the optimization of our design and the functionality of weclapp. Adjustments to the customer’s specific needs are continually expanded during the release.

From process analysis to user training

  • Process workshop

    We work by your side to analyze and optimize your process in order to maximize the efficiency of your work steps.

  • ERP consulting

    You will be assigned a designated contact at weclapp who will assist you and individually advise you.

  • Setup

    We support you with the initial setup and beyond to guarantee a relaxed launch.

  • Introduction

    To help you get an easy start with weclapp, we will provide you with our practical materials.

  • User training

    We train your team individually in the use of weclapp, paving the way for a rapid introduction.

We make your launch as easy as possible

Data migration

We can help you with the transfer of your data from the old system to weclapp.

Form adjustments

We are happy to make individual adjustments for you, adapted to meet your needs.

Email settings

We will support you with connecting your email client to weclapp.


We will help you to set up all possible weclapp interfaces.

Shop connection

We would be happy to help you connect weclapp with your online shop.

Free updates

New features and regular optimizations are free of charge for you.


We will support you during the setup of your accounting system.

Process optimization

We will help you to create potential process interfaces.


We train your staff based on different user groups.

Project planning

We are happy to support you with a project leader to optimize your project planning.

API connection

We will support you during API connection and programming.

…and much more!

Onboarding packages

For an optimal start with weclapp, we recommend our comprehensive worry-free onboarding packages: Bronze, Silver or Gold.





Number of weclapp users up to 2 up to 10 up to20 up to 40
Duration 1-4 weeks 4-12 weeks on consultation
Tutorials li-check li-check li-check li-check
Knowledge Base li-check li-check li-check li-check
Video Manual li-check li-check li-check li-check
Webinars li-check li-check li-check li-check
Duration in days up to* 1 2 3
Setup Timetable li-check li-check li-check
Basic Training Work methods and use li-check li-check li-check
Setting up initial configuration Basis Setup li-check li-check li-check
User Setup li-check li-check li-check
Advice for master data configuration e.g. contacts, items li-check li-check li-check
Import master data optional optional: optional:
Import invoice data optional: optional:
Form settings li-check li-check li-check
Individual forms optional: optional:
Integration Shops and Marketplaces Multi-channel 2 3 4
Setup of other weclapp interfaces li-check li-check
Setup of accounting li-check li-check
Support for API connections li-check
API programming optional
Individual assessments optional optional optional
Prioritized setup li-check
Duration in days up to* 1 2
Process analysis and optimization li-check li-check
Definition of potential interfaces li-check li-check
Proof of Concept li-check li-check
Duration in days up to* 1 2
Training via online meetings li-check li-check
Records of training li-check li-check
Training of key users li-check li-check
Training by user groups Division of users into groups in order to train the specific department strategically with the relevant content li-check li-check
On-site support of go-live* optional
Duration in days up to* 1 1
Designated contact li-check li-check
Establishing workflows together with the key users li-check li-check
Advice for individual processes li-check li-check
Effective use of weclapp Working more efficiently, tips, workarounds li-check li-check
Preparation of internal documentation concerning weclapp li-check li-check
Prioritization of expansions Adopting and prioritizing feature requests li-check
Phone meetings Regular meeting li-check
Support from ERP consultants Advice and support from experienced ERP consultants li-check
Project planning with project leader Project planning including dedicated project leader li-check
Telephone support for professional services li-check
Project chat room optional

* For on-site appointments, plus travel time and expenses for the consultant

li-check included
not included
optional paid

We are here for you even after the onboarding

If you would like help after onboarding, we recommend our support packages. You can choose from different packages with the right services for you, such as email support, telephone support or ticket prioritization. This way you only pay for the support services that are really relevant for you.

Platinum Onboarding

Do you have over 40 users and need intensive support? We would like to make you an individual offer. The price depends on the scope of services.

Do you have questions about our onboarding services?

Our experts would be happy to advise you.

Or by telephone at +49 69 333 90 1888

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Thousands of satisfied customers worldwide

We invest lots of time in planning your implementation. We identify your system requirements in advance and then accomplish the actual introduction of weclapp rapidly and without unnecessary operational downtimes. We have already assisted many companies with their successful transitions to the cloud; as a result, we have gained lots of experience and background knowledge about business processes at companies of all sizes in a wide range of industries. This expertise helps us to concentrate more fully on the needs of our customers.


Thorsten Kruse

Managing Director of Gymwatch

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“We are thankful to weclapp for the solid and helpful support we received that ensured everything ran smoothly.”

Fabian Lipp - Lipp Cross

Fabian Lipp

Managing Director of Lipp

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“The Support Team provides rapid assistance if something isn’t working or individual adaptations are needed.”

Christian Königmaier - MEJ

Christian Königmaier

Managing Director of MFJ MANUFAKTUR

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“The support is first-class, and I appreciate the continuous enhancement of the platform.”

José Ordeix - bioalegria

José Ordeix

Managing Director of BIOALEGRIA

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“We would absolutely recommend weclapp thanks to the flexibility and excellent support.”