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Modern ERP software for Medical and pharmaceutical companies

weclapp – tailored to the requirements of the healthcare industry

The main functions at a glance

Companies from the medical technology, medical device trade, pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors have special requirements for an ERP system. Conditions in the healthcare market change quickly, so flexibility plays a major role. Compliance and stability of ERP software are also particularly relevant for the healthcare industry. We at weclapp have extensive knowledge of the industry and meet all requirements in an all-in-one solution.

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Merchandise Management

The right quantity at the right time? weclapp ensures optimized inventory utilization thanks to automated scheduling. So you never run into delivery bottlenecks!


To handle the production of complex and sensitive goods from the healthcare sector, weclapp offers work schedules and production planning.

High automation

The intelligent software ensures smooth processes in your medical and pharmaceutical company. The high usability and the modern and clear structure make weclapp intuitively usable.

Warehouse & logistics

Whether simple, complex or chaotic warehouse structure - weclapp maps every warehouse. Warehouse bookings for batch & serial numbers are transparently recorded and displayed.


This is where all the information comes together: Orders, payment and customer data. Automatic email filing, event tracking, dynamic customer map etc.


Simple invoice creation, management of open items, automated dunning, DATEV export - with weclapp, accounting is done in a flash!

Increase efficiency in medical & pharmaceutical company

Up to 80% increase in productivity through automation
Up to 50% cost savings through more efficient organisation
Up to 20% time saving thanks to intelligent workflows

Security in all areas with weclapp

Quality assurance

weclapp enables the assignment of products to individual batches and thus helps with the monitoring and quality assurance of individual pharmaceutical and medical products.


weclapp ensures security standards at the highest level. The software is ISO 27001 certified and meets further requirements for ERP systems in the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

Batch tracing

In case of a crisis, recall actions have to run smoothly - with the weclapp ERP system this is no problem, because the software enables a complete batch traceability!


weclapp stores company data securely in a TÜV-certified German data center. It is a fail-safe network and daily backups further increase security.

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20,000+ enthusiastic users | 15 years of experience

Merchandise Management

The workflow of weclapp leads through all areas of merchandise management of your medical and pharmaceutical company: from quotation to invoicing and shipping. Order proposals created by the disposition can easily be converted into orders. Goods, invoice and payment receipts can also be processed directly in weclapp.


In weclapp, all production steps of medical technology products and pharmaceuticals can be mapped. The production processes can be easily controlled and managed. Production orders, parts lists and work plans are quickly created. Picking in weclapp automatically creates picking proposals based on available stock. Batch tracing in the event of a complaint is also possible with weclapp.

High automation

The intelligent and customizable workflow guides you efficiently through your daily business. The different colors and the logical process sequence make the software intuitive to use. weclapp collects orders at the click of a mouse and automatically guides you through all important follow-up processes for your medical and pharmaceutical company!

Warehouse & Logistics

In weclapp you can easily create new warehouses and assign various storage bins. Manage multiple warehouses at different locations (e.g. main and external warehouse), different warehouse types within a location and organize fixed storage locations within a warehouse. Intra-warehouse transfers are possible as well as reserving material - for example for a specific production order.


Managing contacts and customers becomes child's play in weclapp's CRM. All data is collected centrally in one place and can be accessed at any time. In everyday business, the organizer provides the necessary overview of emails, calendar, tasks and document management.


Handle the financial accounting of your medical and pharmaceutical company with weclapp and the processes go easily. Always have an overview of your open items and finances. Thanks to the clear design, transparency is granted in all areas, such as bookings, transactions and dunning.

More features

Custom tariff numbers

In weclapp's merchandise management system, customs tariff numbers can be easily stored for the corresponding products.


Thanks to the clear evaluations, products and medicines that are in demand can be identified.


Complaints and recall actions in the event of a complaint can be carried out easily and reliably with weclapp.


Sending and editing documents is child's play with weclapp document management.

Authorization concept

It is easy to add licenses, create new users and assign them specific roles and rights.


With just a few clicks, weclapp enables the creation of an Intrastat declaration report and a summary declaration.


With weclapp, the entire team can work together in one software, as all relevant areas are mapped there.


The EDI interface enables the worldwide exchange of digital documents such as invoices or purchase orders.

Collective invoice

With weclapp you have the possibility to invoice several orders in one invoice.


The weclapp ERP system will soon be able to work with barcodes in GS1 format! They can be easily scanned.

Successful weclapp customers


We handle the majority of our business processes with weclapp. The topic of data protection and data security plays an important role.

The all-round carefree package for medical and pharmaceutical companies

Cloud CRM

  • ✔ Contact management
  • ✔ 360-degree customer file
  • ✔ Tasks calendar
  • ✔ Email automation
  • ✔ Telephone integration (CTI)
  • ✔ Opportunities and campaigns

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