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Extensive automation through
E-commerce interfaces

Whether Amazon, Magento or Shopware – connect your online store with just one click and simplify your shipping

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E-commerce interfaces

weclapp offers the data synchronization with which you can automate your shopping processes. Thanks to bidirectional interfaces to common online store systems important data and documents such as items, offers, orders, invoices, and deliveries are always updated in both systems. You decide yourself which system should set the data standards for orders and items. You can easily transfer new items or item changes from the store to weclapp or vice versa, item master data from weclapp into the store. Customer orders received in the store can be easily retrieved in weclapp. They automatically initiate the creation of new sales orders there. The subsequent process (such as inventory management, consumption-based disposition, purchasing) can now be done in the ERP system.
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Advantages of e-commerce interfaces

Data synchronization

Synchronization of data eliminates duplicate entries and unnecessary updates.

Bi-directional interfaces

Thanks to bidirectional interfaces to common online store systems, important data is always at hand.


Thanks to the high level of automation, processes are optimized and errors are avoided.

One-time configuration

weclapp only needs to be configured once and then guides you through the individual interface options.

Generation of delivery notes and shipping labels

Generate and print delivery notes and shipping labels automatically.

Automatic order creation

If new purchase orders are received via an online store, they are registered in weclapp and can be clearly managed.

Synchronizing weclapp with online stores

Magento logo

Keep the data of your online store and merchandise management system synchronized. Define which system should set the data standards for items, stocks,
offers, etc., yourself. Save yourself double data entry and errors. The processes are precisely coordinated. You specify whether a delivery from weclapp should generate an email to the customer in the online store.

Shopware Logo

Connect your weclapp account with the
flexible online store system Shopware. Keep all item master data synchronized with just a few clicks. Decide for yourself with which system you want to manage your items. Double data entry is no longer necessary, which optimizes your processes.

Woocommerce logo

Profit from the interaction between the weclapp merchandise management system and the WooCommerce online store system. The two systems enable synchronous data management with coordinated processes that eliminates the need for double data entry and saves time.

Shopify Logo

Connect your weclapp merchandise
management system from with your shopify store. Through the interface, your data is synchronously processed and automatically synchronized reciprocally, whether you want to transfer orders from the store to weclapp or invoice information from weclapp to the store. You also have the option to connect several stores.

synesty logo

Facilitate the synchronization of your store
connection with weclapp through Synesty.
The cloud software automates data
exchange in e-commerce. Item, price and
inventory information is retrieved from
weclapp and made available to your online
channels. Contact data of leads can be
synchronized, for example, with newsletter
tools and connections to suppliers can be

Synchronize weclapp with marketplaces

amazon logo

Connect your weclapp
merchandise management
system with amazon. Maintain
your data centrally in a system
of your choice. The amazon
interface offers current
inventory comparison with the
inventory in weclapp at any time
and enables shipping by
amazon FBA.

ebay logo

Neatly bundle all functions for
multichannel sales with the
interface between eBay and the
weclapp merchandise
management system. Orders
received are synchronized with
weclapp and can be processed
there. The order processing is
automatically transferred from
weclapp to eBay.

logo kaufland

The interface between weclapp merchandise management and enables fast and easy order management. Incoming orders via are automatically synchronized with weclapp including relevant information. Order status and shipping information are automatically transmitted from weclapp to

Synchronize weclapp with shipping service providers

shipcloud logo

Mail your packages via weclapp and the shipcloud shipping interface with the carriers DHL, Hermes, UPS, DPD, iloxx/My DPD Business,
and GLS. All important shipping data is transmitted via the interface to the parcel service provider. The shipping label is printed automatically and the package can be tracked as needed.

Synchronize weclapp with payment service providers

Klarna logo

Connect weclapp to the successful payment provider to monitor your payments.

stripe logo

Connect weclapp with Stripe, the new standard for online payments and monitor your payments.

Paypal logo

By connecting your PayPal account to weclapp, payments and receipts are automatically reconciled.

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